5 HR Email List Providers in Europe and the US

Cognism serves as a premier sales intelligence platform empowering over 2,000 revenue teams globally to connect with the right prospects via email and phone.

Rather than simply downloading a generic HR mailing directory, Cognism enables the creation of targeted email lists for HR decision-makers in the US and Europe, enriched with verified cell phone numbers. Easy-to-use features and advanced filters like seniority and job titles allow tailored list creation to match specific criteria.

The platform’s integration of intent data, sales event triggers (e.g., job changes), and technographics assists in identifying HR managers actively seeking solutions.

Upon acquiring a license, users can conduct multiple searches and create email lists for other C-level executives as well.

Craft HR email lists directly within Cognism’s database.

Post list creation, users can effortlessly export the HR managers’ email lists to platforms like Salesforce, Outreach, and other sales enablement tools to kick-start their campaigns.

For those heavily engaged on LinkedIn, Cognism’s browser extension enriches leads’ LinkedIn profiles and Sales Navigator lists. It also unveils prospect contact details on corporate websites.

Key Features:

  • Validated European and US-based HR email lists.
  • Advanced filtering for building ideal lead lists.
  • CCPA and GDPR-compliant data.
  • Buying intent data powered by Bombara.
  • Seamless integration with popular CRMs and sales tools.
  • B2B contact data enrichment.
  • Human-verified mobile numbers with 98% accuracy (Diamond Data®).

Browser extension for enriching Sales Navigator lists and LinkedIn profiles.

  • Opt for Cognism as your trusted data provider. Schedule a demo now!


  • Seat-based packages.
  • Suitable for individual prospecting, bulk list building, and exporting.
  • Unrestricted views and page-level exporting (up to 25 records at a time, subject to fair use).
  • Custom packages designed for teams requiring bulk-list building and exporting in operational workflows.


Kaspr serves as an email prospecting tool specifically designed for LinkedIn. This Chrome extension aids Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) in generating email address lists of HR managers, Directors, and VPs that align with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Installation is free, allowing users to streamline prospects’ contact information within the dashboard.

Kaspr provides a comprehensive LinkedIn workflow, encompassing connection requests and integrations. However, the platform lacks a specific feature for constructing HR email address lists.

Key Features:

  • Streamlined automatic enrichment workflows.
  • Data extraction capabilities from various LinkedIn sources such as lists, groups, and events.
  • Automated LinkedIn invitations and follow-ups.
  • Functionalities for lead management and team collaboration.


  • Offers a free plan.
  • Paid subscriptions start at $49 per month per user.

3.Thomson Data

Thomson Data, a US-based company, made its mark in the swiftly expanding data marketplace, Datarade, in 2019. This company offers both pre-built and customized HR email lists across diverse industries, ranging from geospatial to financial and commerce sectors.

Thomson Data compiles its HR email database from various sources, including business directories, conferences, Yellow Pages, and government records.

Key Features:

  • Offers access to over 75 specialized segments.
  • Provides data cleansing and de-duplication services.
  • Account profiling service for a more tailored approach.
  • Ensures compliance with CCPA and GDPR regulations.


The pricing structure isn’t publicly disclosed.


Operating globally, InfoCleanse specializes in comprehensive data solutions, focusing on data appending, verification, and CRM data cleansing services.

The platform boasts an extensive database and provides both pre-packaged and tailor-made email lists targeting HR managers across diverse industries in the US, Europe, and APAC, spanning sectors such as Technology, Healthcare, and more.

Key Features:

  • Robust data scrubbing and appending services.
  • Customizable, targeted lists based on specific criteria.
  • Compatibility with various CRM file formats.


For pricing details, customized quotes can be obtained upon request.


Hunter.io is an all-inclusive email outreach platform that enables the discovery and verification of HR email addresses, empowering users to build their personalized lists.

The platform offers two primary functionalities: the ability to conduct bulk searches and verify emails by uploading TXT or CSV files containing leads within the HR domain, and a name-based email finder. With the latter, users can input the HR employee’s name alongside their company’s domain for a streamlined search process.

Key Features:

  • Bulk email finder.
  • Email verification tool.
  • Domain email finder.
  • Cold email management and automation capabilities.


Hunter.io provides a free option offering 25 monthly name-based searches and 50 email verifications. Additionally, paid plans are available at $34, $104, and $349 per month, offering unlimited seats.

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